Black Sheep ah-ha!

Black Sheep Sheep

Happy almost 2011.  I’m in my end-of-year get ‘er done mode and taking on my annual “crazy” project.  You know, the one you have absolutely no time for but which suddenly becomes so important to complete. In past years for me, it’s been about organizing my closets or planning my garden and planting seedlings.  Most years, when I get into it, I’m so happy to have taken it on.

Tonight, with my  newly functioning camera and refurbished home office, I logged the first of several interviews I shot prior to this years’ ACS conference with Brad & Meg Gregory of Black Sheep Creamery and it’s beautiful!  I can’t wait to share an extended creamery profile soon.

The final few moments of the visit included the sheep coming in for their evening milking and I am awestruck now, as then, at the silence and serenity of it.  These sixty or so animals, walking quietly, in unison.  Struck by the presence of strangers wielding cameras just outside their fence, they stop, stare, regroup…before slowly gathering the courage and ease to pass on by.  Nothing much bothers them and they’re not in any hurry.  Their muffled hooves on the soil the only sound – it was peaceful, deliberate, beautiful.

It reminds me so clearly of why I love what I do. Being connected, even for a moment, to this ancient rhythm of life, restores me…enough to begin crazy end-of-year projects like logging and producing three vignettes.  Don’t know that I’ll get them done by New years, but I’ve taken the first steps…Hope you enjoy the “Strolling Ewes

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