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Northern Cheese Trail Map

Oregon Cheese Trail 2012

In just a few days, I embark on my biggest creative (ad)venture to date. 8 Days. 500+ miles. 13 creameries from Portland and the Willamette Valley, Salem, Eugene and the Coast. The Great Oregon Cheese Trail 2012.

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Ig tribute

Remembering Ig Vella

This week, the cheese world lost a giant with the passing of Ignacio 'Ig' Vella, second generation master cheesemaker and renaissance man:  an historian, local politician and champion

Cheese Chick goes to DC

I remember just about a month ago - right after Valentines Day - the a distinct moment where I said enough. Not one more thing on the list. 

Jan Neilson of Fraga Farm and goats

Up Before Dawn: Meet Your Maker – Fraga Farm

As a mom, I'm often up well before the crack of dawn - often waaaay before - several days a week with cranky, hungry, teething and/or ready just 

ACS Pres BadgeB&W

October Surprise – thoughts on serving as ACS President

After building the spiffy new platform that is Cheese Chick Chat, October was kind of a bust in the posting department.  I

I Am an Artisan Cheesemaker

I Am an Artisan Cheesemaker Redux…calling all cheesemongers!

A major storm system blew through Phoenix yesterday pelting the city with rain and extra large hail, replacing our triple digit temps with mid 60's reminiscent of fall. 

Point Reyes Farmstead samples at CACF

“Normandy North of the Golden Gate” Revisited

I'm in the thick of producing a video for the California Artisan Cheese Guild.  During the course of the interviews as I

Brie de Meaux

Don’t Make, Don’t Sell, What Do You Do?

I had an interesting discussion with my friend and colleague Sasha the other day about what exactly it is we "do".  We don't

Goat Cheese at Cowgirl

Cheesemongers: Behind the Wheel

The spectacular growth and maturation in the Artisan and Specialty cheese industry over the last decade owes much to the creativity and hard work of our homegrown cheesemakers. 

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