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Welcome to Part 4 of the “Cheese In Depth” series.  In the last installment, we delved into the intricacies of cheesesmaking, from coagulation to aging, completing the overview of how cheese is made.  Now, we begin the exploration of cheese by type.

First up, the most basic of cheeses: Fresh Cheese.  Simply put, fresh cheeses are cheeses that are made quickly and not aged.  They are soft, rindless and prized for their texture and recipe-worthiness.  For the truly adventurous foodie, many fresh cheeses can easily be made in the home kitchen.

Fresh cheeses are soft, rindless, prized for their recipe worthiness and made to be eaten quickly.

All cheeses begin with milk that is heated and to which flavor-enhancing cultures and coagulant are added, separating the protein, or curds, from the watery whey.  Draining newly formed curds yields tasty fresh cheese, ready for eating that day.  Some, like Fresh Mozzarella, require additional handling of the curd, but the end result is the same – a mild cheese with hints of milky sweetness imparted from the fresh milk.

It is not surprising that fresh cheeses are mild and milky since they are, in essence, just a few hours removed from being fresh milk.  Fresh cheeses provide the best opportunity to truly savor the essence of the flavor profile of various milk types.

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